Meet The Houndz

Jeff Wright

Jeff Wright, founder and creator of the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show welcomes you to his family of canine stars! Jeff, with a life-long love for man’s best friend has taken his heart filled passion for his family of dogs to stardom! Entertaining audiences for a world famous Las Vegas canine act Jeff performed shows as lead entertainer with his dogs for many years then set out to create the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show. Jeff’s inspiration was to create a unique concept to the canine entertainment industry by incorporating his family of canines, many of which he has rescued from shelters, into a world class entertainment act. Exciting, fun, and thrilling Hollywood quality productions, this family focused theme brings Jeff’s family of canine superstars to entertain audiences all across America! This hit show has created smiles and special memories for folks of all ages for over 12 years and in 37 U.S states to date! Jeff invites you to “Come Catch the Fun” as he brings his family fun to yours!

  • Sadie

    Sadie the Lady, aka "Psycho Sadie", was featured performing live on Good Morning America & the Today Show and is now our veteran show star! Famous to her fans for her graceful style, fancy footwork and to the moon vaulting, Psycho Sadie, a real thriller, is one of the most talented, acrobatic, high-flying frisbee dogs in the world! Sadie the Lady’s motto is, “Girls Catch the Fun better”!

  • Sampson

    Superman Sampson, was featured performing during the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show interview segment on the Today Show and also entertained audiences all over the world while performing live in Times Square for the Good Morning America Show! Famous for his flash and leaping big air frisbee catches, Superman Sampson keeps crowds on the edge of their seats, creating big smiles for fans as he fly’s through the sky!

  • Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas, our disco-dancing machine, is famous with audiences for his hit, star quality canine dance moves! Vegas always a show favorite as he thrills and captures smiles with every crowd showing off his creative skills on two legs and four! Performing his famous canine moonwalk in studio live on Good Morning America makes this star a one of a kind canine like no other! This eye-catcher is a sure bet for fun… Vegas style!

  • Ace

    Ace, the Atomic Dog, is packed with energy and a love for life! After 6 long months in a shelter Ace was rescued into the Flying Houndz Family the day before his last and what a blessing he has been. Not sure who saved who, but Ace gives as much love as he gets! A family favorite with all crowds when performing his interactive children’s segment of the show, everyone smiles as Ace creates special memories for the kids!

  • Gizmo

    Lock-Eye Gizmo, "The Kid", one of the highest flying canine superstars on the planet is a must see show thriller! One striking canine with a real jolt of energy and a style that’s out of this world! Gizmo entertained over 43,000 fans at the MLB Home Run Derby in New York so fans of all know a sure hit when they see one! This canine star really shines! Snazzy looks, great focus and an endless bag of tricks, always a show treat for all!

  • Jaz

    Jumpin’ Jaz is a canine trampoline bouncing through the galaxy! A bright star as she shines when she knows its show time! Jaz has springs for legs, the speed of a rocket, and more glittering tricks than one can imagine! She always creates big smiles for everyone while jumping rope, jumping for the frisbee and jumping into your heart! This striking little fireball amazes all with leaps that are out of this world!

  • Piper

    The Mighty Piper, a young performer shining with talent and a glow that reflects onto everyone! In need of a home Piper was adopted from Nashville, TN keeping her out the shelter and into a home filled with love, family, and fun! Now as a Flying Houndz entertainer Piper gets to be the canine star she always was in front of an audience, creating excitement for everyone, including herself! With her lightning fast speed and big hops, this shooting star is a true ball of joy!

  • Tango

    Tang-Tang Tango, started life in an abusive environment and was rescued and brought home with the other Flying Houndz for a life filled with fun and love! Tango quickly learned an amazing set of tricks and fabulous frisbee catching skills but never overcame her fears of big crowds so to catch her having fun you’ll have to visit our home or our local park where she is a performing superstar! Tango is full of energy and very witty, loves positive training and engagement in a one on one setting but maybe if you stick around after a show you’ll be lucky enough to see this super girl strut her stuff! Either way, she is loved and a forever Flying Houndz family member!

  • Oreo and Cookie

    Oreo & Cookie are the newest members of the Flying Houndz family! As brother/sister tag team performers expect to see one a unique, of a kind performance, entertaining audiences at a show time soon to come! Oreo, is the boy with striking all white coat, black patch on his face and a tall, slim build already showing signs of big air, groovy parlor tricks, dancing, and a huge leaping high jump! Cookie, the girl, is a petite little dynamo! Full of energy and speed, getting revved up and ready to hear her fans cheer her amazing talents to come! Folks, get ready for a serving of Oreo n Cookie!

Flying Houndz Family's Featured Rescue


Turk, aka, Turkey was a frightened, abused dog found on Thanksgiving night in a bush, shaking and scared with his collar embedded in his throat. He was taken to a vet for surgery to remove the collar then to a shelter. Due to early life trauma, Turk was scared of people which labeled him as non-adoptable. Jeff received a call from the shelter then drove right away to take him home. Jeff realized he may never perform, but he would be a star in his family and made the decision to keep him providing a safe home filled with love!
Turk has given Jeff, his canine family, and many others inspiration and meaning to the phrase “love is unconditional”. If only all humans would love unconditionally then there wouldn’t be as many Turks out there to save. Sadly some people are selfish, creating a family then leaving them behind.
Turk wishes everyone understood the real meaning of love, especially Misty! To those Turk says “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”!
Turkey is the Flying Houndz Frizbee Trick Dog Show’s ambassador to shelter dogs in need of rescue. Once scared and shy to now happy and confident, you’ll now find Turk as he prances with joy through our audiences prior to show time greeting folks, creating smiles and giving love to all!